May 22, 2017

I find it hilarious how trends are created and followed. This is the look, get the look. Why whats wrong in what i have? Oh right there are boundaries set for everything is it? 

Mundane perfections we love to believe in just because every one does. Habits that we are so proud of.  Even the word discipline has become inherit to such an extent that we have forgotten our creative fun side. We insist on not breaking the bonds of materialistic things, the way we see feel them. 

Please Stop, Step up get some Spunk. Change is needed. Theater, drama, music, art bring it all home. Its time to have fun with these dramatic door and window curtains. Now we don't want to overdo it so be bold, mix and match with other complimentary curtains. You can even use a single panel on a door or hang it on the wall to create an illusion of a window. Creativity is unlimited just dive into your inner self and let it flow.

Its your life, enjoy it.